What I have for breakfast / Summer 2017

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I’ve always had a bad habit of skipping breakfast. While being at university, I would rarely eat breakfast before lectures and that was down to a combination of reasons. The main reason is that I’m a nocturnal individual and I’d sleep very late (occasionally working on assignments, generally not) and end up not having enough time in the morning to make something to eat, and more importantly, I rarely feel hungry until about 2 hours after waking up so it was easier to eat after my morning lectures and it would end up being around 11 or 12.

I have come to accept that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and have decided to put more effort into ways I can get around skipping breakfast. Time is not an issue at the moment as I’ve just finished my degree and so I have plenty of time to have something to eat in the morning.

However, I still don’t feel very hungry when I wake up so I’ve started making breakfast smoothies which I love as I can have something healthy first thing in the morning, even if I don’t necessarily feel hungry, and have enough energy to start my day. I usually eat oats for breakfast when the weather is cooler, but in the summer, I add the sachets to my smoothies instead.


Here are the ingredients for the smoothie I made earlier this week:

  • 1 sachet of mixed berries oats (you can choose any)
  • 1 handful of mixed berries
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • Milk


It is totally up to you how much fruit you add. This applies to the milk too; it depends on how thick you want the smoothie to be or not. Milk can also be replaced with fruit juice.

I’m basic (but brilliant) and my fruit of choice will always be a banana – they’re just so good! I use bananas in almost all my smoothies. The smoothie ended up colour coordinating with my daily devotion book which was cool.


#1 – TARO // LDN

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After a day of shopping in Central London, my sister, a friend and I began looking for a place to eat.  We did a quick Google search and our mutual love for Japanese food lead us to Taro, a Japanese restaurant on Brewer Street which is a walkable distance from Oxford Street and Regents Street.

One big reason why Taro stood out compared to other restaurants was the consideration for allergy sufferers. As someone with food allergies, I am always so cautious when eating out at new places and I sometimes feel like a pain/liability asking whether certain foods contain things I am allergic to. This usually leads to them either shaking their head apologetically because they have no clue what’s in the food or it’s just a faff. At Taro, there were signs that encouraged customers to ask members of staff about allergens and that way, I didn’t feel like I was being an inconvenience. This was the first time that I’d experienced an establishment caring about people who have allergies in this way, but I’m aware that more and more restaurants have started to be considerate in that respect.

The price of the food was great. Only a stone throw away from shops that sell bags the size of a phone case for thousands of pounds, the restaurant could very easily bump up their prices a few pounds and still be reasonable (please don’t though). I was surprised at how affordable the food was for the quality and portion size. My sister and friend, who both had different dishes to me, said the same. I bought the Chicken Teriyaki Don (pictured below) and it was £6.50 and super filling. The prices are subject to 10% service charge but are still reasonable regardless.


We did have to wait though for about 10 minutes, but we quickly forgot how long we’d been waiting because the food was so good. I can confidently say it is the best Japanese restaurant I have been to so far in London.

Also, the owner of the restaurant is the face you see in the logo which we found so cute and he was there at the time. Although I didn’t catch him smiling, he was assisting the staff working there and serving people which I thought was such a brilliant example of great leadership which just made the restaurant an even nicer place.

The restaurants can be found in Soho, Balham and Cannon Street and are open every day + bank holidays. If you have visited, let me know what you had and what your experience was like! It is definitely a top recommendation of mine and I strongly encourage you to give the restaurant a try if you haven’t!