I’m not a music journalist. Nevertheless, I decided to have a go at (sort of) reviewing a few songs from the album ‘Love Yourself 承Her’ by KPop group, BTS.


Practice makes perfect / lessons on perseverance

Last week, I finally got round to decorating one of the notebooks I bought my sister for Christmas. I was reminded of the fact that I'm actually quite impatient when it comes to art related things which is why I don’t do lettering more often. All Arts, as I know from being a musician, require [...]

What I have for breakfast / Summer 2017

I've always had a bad habit of skipping breakfast. While being at university, I would rarely eat breakfast before lectures and that was down to a combination of reasons. The main reason is that I'm a nocturnal individual and I'd sleep very late (occasionally working on assignments, generally not) and end up not having enough [...]

“Take three… and…Action!”

This is my third blog. Why?  I have just finished a degree in the study of made up stories and the art of writing real ones  - English Literature and Journalism, for short. Ending my degree is a huge milestone; I have finished my formal education and I'm currently at a 'pre-work' stage about to [...]